Friday, June 5, 2009

The Beauty of General Synod

It's so easy to be cynical, pessimistic, and negative in life. I was reminded that today, through seeing the beauty of General Synod in the simplest places.

While walking around in the cafeteria, the diversity of GS really stood out to me in ways that I don't always notice: The older elder delegates, those that are physically disabled, those who do not speak English as a first language were all signs of diversity that really caught my attention in ways that I don't typically notice. It made me think how people have sacrificed to come to GS. They have sacrificed their time, their comfort, their community, and time with their loved ones to be here.

Secondly, hanging outside of the DeVos fieldhouse before the evening session, I was privileged to see older people eating and presumably enjoying ice cream. Ice cream seems like such a simple pleasure, but for some reason it caught me off guard to see those who are older eating ice cream, and seeming so peaceful and satisfied in the treat.

Thank you God for showing me the blessing of being in community with those who are not like me, their faithfulness and simple pleasures. May your Church here in North America as well as the church catholic become more and more like the vision of your church that was seen by St. John the Divine!

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