Friday, June 5, 2009

No 2010 General Synod

The first major vote of this General Synod was quite an unusual one. Based on economic considerations, General Synod will not meet in 2010. This has occurred only once before in the RCA's long history--in 1933 during the depths of the Great Depression.

The amended proposal from the GSC was approved by a 120-100 vote:

R-6: "To instruct the officers of the General Synod to convene the 2010 General Synod with the intention of transacting no business and declaring that a quorum is not present; and further, if no quorum is present, the officers elected and installed at the 2009 General Synod shall continue as the officers of the General Synod until the next stated session;to be approved by two-thirds of the classes submitting votes to the General Synod office by December 1, 2009."

Costs saved by not holding a 2010 General Synod will be reflected in a net reduction in the assessment.

Next step is up to the classes. An extraordinary decision for extraordinary times . . .

Lee DeYoung

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