Saturday, June 6, 2009

Marlin Vis

Marlin Vis preached this morning. I happen to personally adore the man and the courageous, prophetic words he has to offer us. Two things I want to share with you that I want us to remember.

1-Every decision we make here, keep the children in mind. I think we could even say, every decision we make in life, keep the children in mind.

2-Put down our swords. There is a time for us to debate, disagree, and discuss. But let us not kill each other foolishly over our agendas. Put down our swords.

3-Marlin concluded by saying, "Look folks, we all love Jesus here. We all do. The people on your right love Jesus just as much as you. The people on your left love Jesus just as much as you. We wouldn't be here if we all didn't love Jesus." Let us not forget that.

Grace and Peace today.
(I want to give a special shout out to you all who are praying. Thank you! Keep praying, the incense of prayer dances around the throne as we continue to seek to answer the question "What is God already doing? How might we partner with God?" Please leave a comment with some of the prayers that you have been praying. Grace and Peace my brothers and sisters)


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  2. I share Jes' admiration for Marlin Vis. I appreciated this morning's message but did find myself yearning to add a qualifier which I hoped was implied (but I wasn't completely sure). Namely, although we should not be menacing one another with hostile "swords," there are important principles which are worth vigorous advocacy. The challenge is to do so appropriately and constructively in a Christlike manner.

  3. agreed Lee....I thought it was implied, but maybe it could have been emphasized better. Thank you.

  4. Can we ever use swords in a Christlike manner when Christ was the one who put Peter's sword down?

    If Isaiah envision a peaceful kingdom in which swords were turned into plowshares, and that kingdom came near in Jesus and through the church, can any Christian ever take that sword up again?


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