Friday, June 5, 2009


I spent Thursday in training as a moderator for the Advisory Forums. We were begin trained in leading the groups who will discuss the two major issues before General Syond this year: communication and confession. One of the conversations was difficult and confusing. The other conversation was somewhat hopeful. That is, until I got to dinner and overheard some of the side conversations that were going on. They were, to say the least, quite ridiculous. The finer details don't need to be mentioned here.

Suffice it to say, that I was in a foul mood and not in any mood to worship with a body of people who could produce such silly ideas. I have to confess that I'm often not in the mood to worship if I'm not the one in charge. This evening was no different. And, yet, I have to admit that the experience of opening worship was much like that of jumping in to a cool pool on a hot summer afternoon: refreshing. In other words, I have to confess that worship well done has the ability to move even a stubborn heart like mine.

I was forced to admit that all those gathered for synod were welcome at God's table and that God had fed each of us. I have my own ideas of what we should do with that nourishment, but each of us was there seeking to be fed by God. Each of us was there to confess that without the sustenance that God provides we would have little chance of moving forward. There is great unity in that one act. I only hope that we (I) can act so humble as we move through the rest of synod. I think that many people would find that refreshing.

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