Saturday, June 6, 2009


This afternoon’s Our Call Forum on Missions was an inspiring opportunity to become better acquainted with the RCA’s global missions effort. Reports from the Middle East, Chiapas, Sudan, and elsewhere were encouraging and challenging. The Good News is being courageously and creatively modeled and proclaimed. Hallelujah!

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  1. Does a comment about Creation Care fit here under missions? Might be an OK place for now?

    Since tonight is Ecumenical night, I thought I'd submit an idea here to the larger RCA general synod. I've been sharing some of the following ideas related to sustainability and model sustainable cities as connected to RCA and CRC communities with folks at Hope College (my Alma Mater) and at Calvin College. I pray that further discernment and research might prove helpful.

    Easier than posting everything here might be a reference to the Christian investing website called "Investing With Insight." There I've posted my "Model Sustainable/Hydrogen City" idea, an idea I believe that has been helped along by the Holy Spirit. Direct links at that site seem to be troublesome, but a search for "Model Sustainable/Hydrogen City" using their search tool would get the post.

    The IWI site is:

    I'd appreciate prayers along these lines, and I pray that this referral isn't too vague and turns out to be edifying and helpful for God's Kingdom.


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