Sunday, June 7, 2009

What GS means to me

This has been my first GS ever and I have to tell you that it has been like a spiritual retreat for me.   I am sure some of you 'old timers' who have been to GS year after year might feel differently, but let me plead my case why it has been refreshing, sad, and propelled me to prayer.

1-The gathering of brothers and sisters from around the world who are RCA (and our ecumenical friends who are not - i really value their voices) is powerful to me.  For these few days I get a better view of what God is doing around the global context and not just in my home church or home city.  This perspective check is so good that it brings me to a place of hope and encouragement of how big and how intimate our God is.  Meeting brothers and sisters who think vastly different then I, but are part of the same family of God - is good to do.

2-Yesterday there was a moment that the seminarians gathered and there was a feeling of sadness.  Some of us were glistening in our eyes, some silent, some lamenting.  We were sad at some of the words people were using to speak out against the meaning of the Belhar confession.  The Belhar is something that is so important to me to help faithfully live into the Jesus way.  The Belhar helps me more faithfully interpret scripture.  The Belhar is a testament to how I see the spirit of God wooing us in the church.  I found out yesterday, that not everyone else feels that way.  I respect different opinions (though I strongly disagree with some).  I needed to lament some words that people spoke against the Belhar confession.  

During our seminarian seminar we take votes on all the issues that the delegates will vote on.  Some of us (like me) have voice on the floor, but we don't have vote.  During our vote it was a unanimous 20-0 in favor of the Belhar.  What are we seminarians hearing in the spirit of God, that some others aren't?

We have not voted on the Belhar yet.  This is Monday.  I am hopeful.  I am hopeful in a God that moves in surprising and wonderful ways when we gather.  I believe God is here and God will show up in good ways.  

God make our hearts more like yours.

3-And finally, General Synod reminds me of a spiritual retreat because of the way I have been propelled to humbly get on my knees and say "your will Lord, not thine".  May we all do that in the next few days.  May we do that the rest of our lives.  And may the spirit of God be gracious to us as we fumble through living the Christ way.

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