Friday, June 5, 2009

Mme. President's Report

Wow. I've been mulling over President Carol Bechtel's Report over lunch, and no I feel it's time for me to put down my thoughts.

Introduction: My name is drew yamamoto, and I am part of the General Synod Seminarian Seminar (GS3) and this is my second time at GS. I love GS, and I'm mourning the fact that it may not happen next year. I am from San Francisco, CA, and I am a senior in the Western Theological Seminary Distance Learning M.Div. program, and a member of City Church of San Francisco.

Once again: Wow. Go Carol go! On my way back from lunch, a friend and I were discussing her report. What I took away from it: How do we stay faithfully Missional and Reformed? How do we remember our Reformed heritage without idolizing it, yet at the same time, saying that it is something that makes us distinct? Carol seemed to be challenging us to live out our identity in being a Reformed Church in America.

Excellent report Mme. President. Thank you.

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  1. God challenged us through the wonderful address given by our General Synod President. In so many words President Carol asked the General Synod: How are we living out our distinctive Reformed identity? I believe this is a pertinent question to the life of the RCA and its role in participating in the reign of God.

    But however one answer's this question, it cannot be explored without the aid of the Holy Spirit. I know that God is big enough to help us swim through the dynamic and multi-layered meaning of what it means to be Reformed.

    My prayer is that as a denomination we understand that the former qeustion is undergirded by this question: What does it mean to be chosen as God's own? These two questions go hand-in-hand.

    As we strive to understand these two questions we must extend grace to each other as we faithfully strive to love each other because God first loved us.

    Thank you President Carol for such a thought-provoking and challenging report.


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