Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Theological History

I sat in Synod today thinking about all the conversations that have taken place throughout history on important theological matters. I thought about the great councils of our early fathers and the debates that would take place on the third person in the trinity, God's grace or human will, and many more conversations that have so profoundly shaped what we call the Reformed tradition.

Today was one of those historic days.

All of us physically present and all of those praying at home, we were part of one of those historic theological decisions. I don't think we truly understand just how momentous this is, and maybe, neither should we. We are simply listening to the spirit of God and what God is calling us to affirm (and for some deny). As a body we spoke, we want to adopt the Belhar Confession as one of our standards.

We in the Reformed Church in America made a statement today that we stand for reconciliation, justice, and unity. The work continues as now 2/3 of the classes have to vote to affirm the Belhar confession. I trust the spirit of the Lord will continue present in those classis meeting just as the Spirit was present with us today. The poise, honesty, and theological convictions that people spoke from were remarkably encouraging to me. No, I don't agree with every statement that was said, but I think that is what makes the Belhar so convicting for me now.

What does it look like for me to live in reconciliation, unity, and justice with my neighbor that I disagree?

The Belhar Confession...voted in unanimous support from the seminarians...is what we want to confess to at our ordination vows.

Spirit guide us to be the disciples you are calling us to be.


  1. can't say I'm thrilled with this decision, but I'm glad a decision has at least been made.

  2. Annette - you said "can't say I'm thrilled with this decision" -

    -I invite you to say more to that.


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